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Everyone has a different motivation for leaving animal products off their plate. Some are concerned about animal welfare, some are looking to improve their health, and others have seen the devastating effects of animal agriculture on our planet. Whatever your reason, I can help. Click the button below that most aligns with your motive for a plan that is custom-made for you.

Are you wondering what to look for in a nutritional coach? Here are some tips:

  • What are their credentials? Even if someone calls themself a “nutritionist” make sure you know your coach’s background and qualifications.
  • Does the program allow you to fly solo at its completion or will you be required to purchase supplements, or schedule follow-up appointments regularly?
  • Does your coach truly understand and have experience with being on a plant-based diet?
  • Are their claims backed up by independent, peer-reviewed studies?
  • If something sounds fishy or you feel like you’re being pressured, trust your gut and keep looking. A good rapport with your coach is vital.

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