KFC and the Angry Vegans

Kentucky Fried Chicken introduced its new Beyond™ Fried Chicken across the United States yesterday and vegans are going nuts. You might assume that everyone is cheering this huge step forward as a victory for those who choose to keep animal products off their plate—or out of their bucket, in this case. Some vegans are excitedContinue reading “KFC and the Angry Vegans”

Meet Marina Minko, Vegan Yacht Chef Extraordinaire

“The future is green, for sure, and I’m glad to be a part of it.”   In September 2021 my husband and I had an extraordinary adventure to Croatia. We started our journey sailing for a week with twenty other people on a small yacht called the Mama Marija II chartered by Vegan Travel. ForContinue reading “Meet Marina Minko, Vegan Yacht Chef Extraordinaire”

Five Things Vegans Wish Restaurant Owners Knew

Despite the increased demand for vegan options across the world many restaurant owners are reluctant to add them to their menu. Even corporate giants such as Royal Caribbean and Disney have introduced vegan options to their customers and the response has been incredibly positive…and profitable. But, you don’t need to be a multi-million dollar enterpriseContinue reading “Five Things Vegans Wish Restaurant Owners Knew”

11 Vegan Foods and Drinks You Need To Try In Costa Rica

I’ll be honest. Costa Rica isn’t known for its cuisine. It’s a very simple culture with foods and drinks made with simple ingredients. However, there are several things that I always make sure visitors try when they come to Costa Rica. Típico A típico is the typical Costa Rican breakfast which usually includes gallo pintoContinue reading “11 Vegan Foods and Drinks You Need To Try In Costa Rica”

What’s For Breakfast?

It should be the simplest meal of the day but sometimes it’s hard to think of ideas for vegan breakfasts. Taking eggs, bacon, sausage, and many other traditional breakfast items off our plates can force us to think outside the box as we search for healthier, more compassionate alternatives. Don’t let that discourage you! WithContinue reading “What’s For Breakfast?”